Detect exact amount of radiation with a high quality ecotester

The main job of an ecotester is to detect and measure the amount of radiation that is present in food items, different objects and construction materials. There are many radioactive elements that are normally found in these items and once these are detected, it becomes easier for you to take precautionary measures.

How the radiation and nitrate levels are measured

These devices normally gauge the radioactivity levels that are based on ion Radiation intensity. This ion radiation consists of gamma and beta particles. While measuring the radiation, different levels are displayed that includes:

  • Normal background radiation
  • High background radiation
  • Dangerous background radiation

Why ecotesters offered by SOEKS-USA are so good

  • The ecotester offered by SOEKS-USA is specially designed for checking food items such as vegetables, meat, fruits and children’s food. Apart from radiation levels, there is one thing that can be checked and is called as nitrate concentration level.
  • The best thing about the devices offered by SOEKS-USA is that these devices are based on the latest and highly advanced sensors. It means, you don’t have to buy such devices again and again as one device is enough to sustain for many more years to come. Consider this as a one time investment with long term benefits.
  • The highest concentration of radiation and nitrate in food and other items is very harmful for human health and may lead to various health issues such as cancer and skin related problem.It would be really great to use ecotesters for the detection of radiation and nitrate levels and take appropriate action. These devices can be used in two modes, the first one is measuring mode and the second is called as nitrate tester mode.

These devices are compact in size and quite light weight and only take 20 seconds to complete the measurement process.

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How to Adjust a Carburetor Needle Valve

For  proper functioning of carburetor it is necessary that all of its parts work smoothly. The needle valve is an essential part of the carburetor of the engines that helps in regulating the flow of fuel through the main jet. With continuous use of the carburetor the needle valve functioning may become slow.

The main functions of the Needle valve:

The pointed needle is positioned in the slider portion of the upper carburetor and it slips down into the main fuel tube. It depends on the drain of needle that how much fuel can be drawn into the intake stream. The needle position is corresponds to the throttle setting. Carburetor Power needles can be adjusted to bend over the main fuel circuit. Move up the spike in the slider that make the fuel mixture more rich and lowering it will lean it out.

Steps to follow while adjusting the needle valve

Take away the top of the carburetor. Remove the mounting bolts by turning them counterclockwise, and lift up the top and slide from the carburetor body.

Take out the needle retainer from the slider. Push up the needle and take it out. Also remove the locator shear on the spike with the help of pliers.

Substitute the locator shear in a lower slot to raise up the needle. It helps in the larger amount of the fuel intake. If you want to drain out the mixture of the fuel, put it into a higher slot.

Reinstall the needle in slider and restore the retainer clip. Direct the spike and slider back into the body of the carburetor ensuring that the needle slips into the main fuel tube easily. Reinstall the top cap carburetor bolts with screwdriver as per the instructions on the guiding manual’s specifications of the engine.

Now  start the engine to check it out. Sneezing and popping back to through the carburetor at High RPM’s indicates a lean mixture and too low setting on the needle. If you notice excessive black smoke in the exhaust it shows a rich mixture and needle setting too high. Repeat all the steps to adjust the needle to its correct position.

The pointer is one of the delicate type of parts so carefully adjust it to avoid any bend in the spike.

To get more and detailed information regarding any type of Tecumseh engine and its parts, visit our website All types of information are available on the website regarding different series of the tecumseh carburetors, how to identify them and troubleshoot them.

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An overview about Tecumseh vector carburetor

The Tecumseh vector carburetor is a non- adjustable carburetor made from Aluminum. The parts of vector carburetor, such as float bowl, nozzle, Venturi are non- metallic. It eliminated the rust and varnishing problems that can be occurred by using metal parts. A little service is required for the fuel bowl that involves float, needle, seat and main nozzle mixture tube. These Tecumseh Parts can be repaired without removing the engine from the carburetor. Here are some important parts Tecumseh vector carburetor.

Intake end of the crab

The intake end of the carburetor has the bowl vent and a ball plug which seals the idle circuit. A ball plug helps to seal the location where  the idle air hole that drain into the crab bore. A Welch plug locks the idle fuel mixing. The bowl drain screw is positioned at the bottom.

The main jet and drain screw

The bowl drain screw holds the main jet. A o ring helps to join the main jet to the crab body. The rubber washer seals the drain screw. Some models of  Tecumseh Carb Lookup called a split system  because the main and idle circuits are separate. In the other carburetors, all the fuel first passes through the main jet and idle fuel separate it off to the idle restricted jet.

Bowl gasket

To take away the fuel bowl, just pull it out. A gasket provides the seal between the bowl and the body of a carburetor.

Emulsion tube, o-rings and springs

The emulsion tube has one o-ring at its lower end. The spring below the tube presses it up for a seal against the bowl gasket. At the upper end of the a fuel nozzle is available that extends into the Venturi. Holes in the sides of the tube allow the air from the main air bleed to mix with the fuel, as it passes to the upward nozzle.

These are some parts of the Tecumseh vector carburetor. For more details about the Tecumseh carburetor and its different parts click on the link Tecumsehcarburetorguide. The website provides pocket friendly deals on different parts.

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Functioning of the Tecumseh carburetor series 7

Tecumseh is one of the most trusted brands that have manufactured different series of carburetors for engines. Each of the series has its own distinct features. Here we are going to explain about tecumseh series 7 carburetor parts. This helps you to understand about the working of the series 7 carburetors.

  • Main nozzle and emulsion tube

The main flow of fuel come with the3 main jet and rises up in the emulsion tube, where the main air enter through the holes that are set along the side of an emulsion tube and discharged into the intake air stream via the main nozzle that extends into the Venturi. A o-ring is used at the bottom of the emulsion tube and a spring pushes it up against the bowl gasket.

  • Alignment holes and air paths

Alignment holes in the crab body and gasket  is attached to the bowl from one side. The main nozzle goes through the center hole up in the Venturi. Fuel enters through the idle jet air travel down through the air bleed to the emulsion tube. The bowl has two holes.

  • Idle fuel discharge holes

In the low speed operation, the fuel from the idle jet and air from the air bleed mix in the idle fuel mixing well and it discharges into the intake air stream via idle fuel discharge hole. As the throttle opens additional mixture is delivered via progression holes.

  • Throttle plate

While installing the throttle plate on 2-7 HP carburetor the position the plate is a scribe mark facing out and in the 12 o’clock position.

  • Main air bleeds and nozzle

Mark the choke plate before removing it so that you can easily reinstall it. After removing the choke you can see the air bleed. The main nozzle extends into the air stream at the Venturi.

  • The idle speed screw

The idle speed screw helps to close the throttle up to a certain limit.

If you  want more information or have any issue regarding different parts of the engines, feel free to visit the website It is one of the most visited websites that provide genuine engine parts with their manufacturer warranty. A quick reference table is also available on the website that helps to choose the right carburetor for the engine. The website also helps to identify the authentic parts of engines.

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An overview about Tecumseh carburetor series 7 parts

In Tecumseh series 7 carburetor, we make use of a medium sized frame overhead valve engines, with a vertical shaft. The series 7 engines are basically efficient emission grade carburetors. These are equipped with the main jet as well as idle jet that are ideally placed in the bowl of the carburetor. Its different Tecumseh Parts can be repaired without removing the carburetor body out of the engine. Its main service areas are fuel bowl which includes float, needle, seat, main nozzle emulsion tube, etc. All the parts are non-metallic that reduce the problem of rust and varnishing. Listed below are the most important parts of Tecumseh series 7 carburetor.

Detailed explanation about of parts :-

  Bowl retainer and idle mixing

The fuel bowl holds the carburetor body by a retaining latch that fits into the place. By using a screw driver, you can take away the bowl retainer and release it. A Welch plug covers the idle fuel mixing properly where the fuel and air mix during slow speed operation.

Float, hinge pin and Float needle

Take a needle nose pliers to remove the needle. Grasp close piece between the center leg and central point of the float. It is difficult to pull out the float, so carefully pull it out without breaking it. The float needle is attached to the float.

Fuel bowl, inlet seat and idle jet

The fuel enters into the bowl with the help of the inlet tube as allowed by the float and needle. When the amount or level of fuel rises in the bowl, the float pushes the needle against the rubber seat, to stop the flow of fuel. Some bowls also contains clip or retaining ring to hold the rubber seat. To install the float, keep the float hinge pin into the hinge slot on the float and press it.

Main jet

All the fuel bowls passes through the main jet, which is placed by a spring and the bowl drain screw.

Crab solenoid

Some crabs have an anti-after fire solenoid instead of a bowl drain screw. When the engine is shut down, spark disables the engine stopped. The anti–after fire solenoid helps to stop fuel flow into the engine as soon as the switch is turning off.

These are some important parts of the Tecumseh series 7 carburetor. For more information, click on the link The website provides all the required information regarding different d=series of the carburetors and its parts.

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How to replace spark plug in lawn mower?

The maintenance of Tecumseh carburetor and engines is very simple with the help of appropriate tools and equipments. Some of the parts of the Tecumseh Carburetor or engine can be replaced after a regular interval of time for the smooth performance of the engine. The spark plug helps to ignite the gasoline during the combustion process. A clean spark plug enables the easy and efficient working of the engine. If the lawn mower is unable to start or creating any issue, you need be make sure the spark plug is checked.

Steps to follow to replace the spark plug

You just require few simple tools such as socket driver, spark plug socket and spark plug gauge. Follow these simple steps and get your spark plug repaired.

  1. Disconnect the lawn mowers spark plug wire and clean all the debris from spark plug that can cause inefficient performance. If these debris are not removed it gets collected in the spark plug hole.
  2. Take the spark plug and take away the spark plug socket. These sockets are available in different sizes to fit the spark plug. If it does rotate then soak it in the lubricant for 10 minutes.
  1. Check the spark plug electrode after removing the spark plug. If the electrode is wet, then there may be a problem with the choke system of engine or it may be due to, too rich fuel mixture. If the electrode is dry and powdery, then there is a lack of fuel or maybe crack in the carburetor mounting gasket.
  1. Check the new spark plug before installing it. It should fill the gap properly. Take the help of spark plug gauge to verify that it should match with the manufacturer’s specifications. You can bend the gauge, if required. Hence, you can easily fit the spark plug.
  1. Fit the new spark plug into the hole and tighten it manually. Attach it with the spark plug socket and connect the plug until it stops turning. Avoid over tightening as it can damage the spark plug because it had ceramic body.

If you are not able to read the spark plug model number, then you can ask to the service provider. They  will assist you in selecting the suitable model for your engine. For more details log onto the website  The website provides an online Tecumseh Carburetor Rebuild Kit where you get details about the identification and selecting the right parts for Tecumseh carburetor.

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Tecumseh model number identification

Tecumseh is one of the leading brands of small engines and till now the company has launched many different types of engines with high quality parts such as carburetors. Due to the launch of the large number of engines and carburetors, sometimes it becomes difficult to fetch out the exact engine part or even an engine from a complex list of equipment. Hence, in order to learn more about the correct Tecumseh model number identification, you should first learn about how to identify the correct model number. Here are some important and urgent points, that can be followed.

You can seek help from online model number locator

One of the best ways to identify the correct Tecumseh model number is through the online model number locator. Though there are many OEM online portals which provide such information, but the best one is

Step by step approach can clear all your doubts

Step 1- Review the Engine ID label- After 2004 the engine ID label on all Tecumseh products have been changed. The number which comes next to model number is actually specification number and helps in proper identification of the parts of the engine.

Step 2- How to identify the date of manufacture– Take for example this number 01178DF0015- This number contains the date of manufacture (DOM) – 01- 2001 is the year, 178 is the day if the year that is 178th day. D is the manufacturing facility, F is the assembly line and 0015 is the individual serial number and built by 15th unit.

You also need to keep this important point in your mind that model which are still being  manufactured comes with the updated model designation.

Though initially the identification procedure sounds little confusing, but with regular practice and careful approach, you can easily complete the Tecumseh model number identification. can help you in identifying the correct part of the engine

All this information is readily available with this online guide called as

The best part about this website is that it provides every bit of information that you wish to know about Tecumseh engines, Tecumseh snow blowers or gardening equipment.

You can even order spare parts from them or clear your doubts related to servicing, maintenance or troubleshooting.

You can also learn more about the recommended fuel to be used as well as 2 cycle and 4 cycle troubleshooting with the help of a flow chart.

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How to troubleshoot Tecumseh HM80 Engine

Once you have identified the problem with the Tecumseh HM80 engine, you can proceed further with the fixing process. Take all the necessary safety precautions. A well lit up workplace is the foremost requirement. A pair of gloves and safety glasses should not be neglected. Tools like ruler, screw driver and carburetor cleaner will come in handy for the task.

Follow the specifications table to understand the machine. Look out for the correct engine model and the respective Carburetor Parts. You can find out the engine number and the carburetor model using our manual.  The diagram of every carburetor model has been listed on the Tecumseh Carburetor Guide.

Here you can find the correct carburetor model and carry out adjustments to it for performance improvements. We have provided information on every tecumseh carb identification till date.

Internal combustion engines need regular attention to be able to function properly. Poor maintenance and faulty engine parts can lead to complete breakdown. To avoid this situation, you need to understand the engine first. The power, the operation limits and operation area. The environment needs to be clean, free from dust and other harmful particles that can cause worn out engine parts.

The fuel should also be free from impurities. Fuel resin can cause clogging in carburetor which will hinder the flow of fuel into the engine. We have tried to put up a solution manual for you to fulfill your need to troubleshoot, adjust and understand the various machine parts and with a hope that it would fully serve the purpose, it’s made for.

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Identification and Understanding the problems of Engine’s Carburator

Tecumseh engine brand is quite popular. They’re usually used in push-behind lawn mowers, snow throwers, garden tractors and tillers and they’re sized for that reason. Carburetor servicing ensures correct engine working. There are a lot of reasons that make an engine stop functioning or not function to its full capacity, including fuel impurities or dust particles, clogging of carburetor jets, sluggish throttles and adhesiveness of the choke valves.

Carburetor parts have controlling springs that may wear out over time, which would affect the overall performance.Tuning the carburetor from time to time will avoid its absolute collapse. Before carrying out any sort of tuning, you must be aware of its various components.

Understanding and adjustments of Tecumseh carburetor parts to an engine has been made easier by the Tecumseh carburetor guide. The information provided on the website is useful for carrying out repairs, re-assemble, adjustments, troubleshooting, and to find out whether you require a new spare part for your engine or not.

Our guide has information about every tecumseh parts  that has been manufactured till date. We have tried to provide an elaborative solution manual to cope up with problems that might be faced by Tecumseh engine owners.

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How To Find The Right Tecumseh Carburetor Parts

Tecumseh engines have been used in many power equipments like snow throwers, garden tractors and lawn mowers for many years. If you own a machine that has a Tecumseh engine, then our site will help you to find and get the right carburetor for the engine. Engines wear out due to many reasons. A faulty carburetor can be the culprit sometimes. Once you have identified this problem what needs to be the next step? Here is the answer.

Identifying the required spare part is the first and foremost task to find the right replacement. It might seem to be a daunting task for many. But it’s not. You can easily identify the right model using our information guide.

Search for the correct Spare Parts

A complete list of Tecumseh Carburetors is available on the website. Find the perfect replacement part for your engine. A complete detailed list of carburetors with diagrams is also available for the knowledge freaks and self help trouble-shooters!

Once you are over with the previous task. The next task is to find a new replacement carburetor for your engine. The carburetors are available through local dealers or online stores. All you need is to buy the carburetor from a reliable store. Local dealers offer more reliability than most of the e-stores because they can provide good expert guidance and help in select the most suitable spare parts.

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