Check the Year of Manufacturing for Tecumseh Carburetor.

Tecumseh carburetors have many small engine mechanical tools such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, snow kings, trimmers and various other tools. Every engine has its date of manufacturing and a model number that gives the information about the time period of the engine when it was produced. It also reveals the information regarding the name of the company or production house.

The model number of the engine is stamped on the Tecumseh parts identification label that is placed on the top or front side of the engine or under the engine cover.Manufacturing date is generally sited near the abbreviation “D.O.M” or at the end of the model number. The code is generated by four or five numbers followed by one or two letters. There can more than four or five numbers after letters, but the first four or five numbers will tell you the date when the engine was manufactured.

First two numbers denote the year of manufacturing of the engine. If there are four numbers the engine is assembled before 2000. If there are two numbers means the engine is assembled after 2000. For example, if it is written 04 it means the engine is manufactured in 2004.

Last three digits of the numbers indicate the date of manufacturing. 001 means January 1st and counting at the end of the year. 032means February 1st and so on.

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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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