Tips to Rebuild Tecumseh Parts.

Servicing the seat

 Tecumseh carburetors are assembled with the detachable seats a material known as VITON. The seats are easily removed via Tecumseh power tool 670377 or by twisting the end of the paper clip or wire with a 3/32” clasp. Push the hook through the puncture in the middle of the seat and eliminate it. Keep this thing in mind that always replace with a new seat. Don’t recycle the seat. To set up a new seat, be sure that seat hollow is neat and clean. Put a drop of oil to moisturize it and help to slip it into the right place. Place the seat with the uneven side of the seal down and carefully push the seat into the hole with a 5/32” flat beat until it bottoms out. Tecumseh power carburetor equipment 670377 can also carry out this work.

Setting up inlet needle & Float

Reset the inlet needle and the float into the carburetor. Be sure about the long end of the trim on the inlet needle tips towards the air ingestion or choke end of the carburetor.

Fixing up the float bowl

Fix the float bowl by placing the detent portion reverse of the hinge pin. Keep the deepest end of the bowl in front of the inlet needle. The bowl has small hole located in its deepest part. Its aim is to reduce the chances of float sticking to the bottom of the bowl caused by old fuel.


About Rosy Maria

The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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