Important Safety Measures To Follow While Doing a Carburetor Adjustment

While doing carburetor adjustment there are few important safety measures that are required to be followed. By following these safety tips you can complete the adjustment process in an easy and simple way. Moreover, it can also prove to be helpful while avoiding any injury or accident. Here are some of those measures explained in detail.

Always use personal protective gear and equipment

  • When you are adjusting your Tecumseh carburetor, make sure personal protective gear and equipment are used. You should wear appropriate clothing, safety shoes, eyewear and ear plugs.

Do not move your hands or body near the rotating parts

  • Adjustment of the carburetor should only be done when the engine is completely off. Do not move your hands or body near the rotating parts. You also need to keep the loose cloth ends and jewelry out while working with such parts. Keep valid tools handy with you so that you don’t have to move again and again for fetching important tools and equipment.

Be attentive and stay away from surfaces that are hot

  • While adjusting the carburetor you should always stay alert and attentive and make sure that you stay away from the surfaces that are hot. Always allow the equipment to cool before you start the repair and maintenance work.
  • Cleaning of the carburetor and engine should always be done with the help of recommended cleaner and appropriate tools.

To know more about safety tips or Tecumseh carburetor adjustment you can also log on to It is a very user friendly online guide and follows a step by step approach. Hence, by following proper safety tips you can easily ensure smooth and secure adjustment of the carburetor and complete your work in a perfect way.


About Rosy Maria

The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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