How To Adjust a Carburetor While Starting The Engine

It is important to ensure a smooth functioning of the engine and for that you need to keep your engine’s carburetor clean and well adjusted. There are simple steps to follow before you start up any engine.

Step 1. Oiling the filter: The air filter is on of the essential components which keeps away the dirt from the engine. So it is important to oil the filter before use. Utilize the pre-filter Dab treatment all around the filter and put the filter into a plastic bag and press it until it get saturated but not soaked. Never run the engine without an air filter.

2012-06-01_012047_5-31-2012_6-18-34_pmStep 2. Setting the high speed mixture: This screw holds the control of fuel during high speed operation. Turn it clockwise until it bottom out. Avoid over tightening and turn counterclockwise up to 2 ½ turns.

Step 3. Setting the low speed: Throttle is located at the end of carburetor under the throttle arm. It controls the flow of the fuel that enters into the idle and low throttle. This will smooth the idle.

Step 4. Idle speed: The idle screw adjusts the throttle opening to control its speed. Turn the screw opening until the throttle valve is 1/32”. It may require re-adjustment after warming up of the engine.

Step 5. Pour the fuel into the tank: Now fill the fuel tank with adequate amount of fuel, lift up the lid and slowly squeeze the bottle until the tank is full. Don’t overflow the tank and keep the bottle closed after use.

How to start the engine?

The first step is to stop the engine by holding the carburetor fuel line while running at the idle speed. Don’t shut off engine by placing your finger over the exhaust pipe.Once the engine is completely shut off you can use the quick short pulls of the pull start rope which is the best technique to start the engine. Don’t abruptly release the handle. Allow the cord to rewind slowly by holding the handle. Pull the operating handle straight out while starting the engine.For more details on carburetors, visit our website It will help you to solve any of the issues you may have regarding Tecumseh carburetors adjustment.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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