How to repair the basic small carburetor engine

Generally, when the engine has to do a lot of work its parts becomes dirty and oily. Hence it is better to repair the engine on time to have a better performance. These small engines are generally found in the lawn mowers, generators, pumps, etc. the small engines are similar to other four stroke engine. They mainly differ in size. Finding the problem and repairing in the small engines is quite simple and it does not require highly technical knowledge. You just know the basic components and their functions. Here are some basic steps that help you in fixing a small carburetor engine.

Guidelines to follow

  • Take a screw driver and remove all the plastic plenums from the carburetor. Also take away the air cleaner that is placed over the carburetor. Unscrew the cold air intake hose clamp to the carburetor.
  • Check the position of the choke plate that is situated on the top of the carburetor. Move the linkage here and there to make sure it is working well. Spray the oil on the choke butterfly valve, its shafts and linkage portions. Open and close it several times to check its working.
  • Take the help of engine manual for the exact location of the idle mixture screw on the carburetor. A slow head screw is attached to the side of a carburetor. Remove the screw with a screw driver and clean the tip of a needle shaft with a cleaner. Clean the spring on screw as well.
  • Take out the small fiber gasket from the mixture screw seat and check if it has any crack or cuts. If so, replace the idle screw in the seat.
  • Turn off the fuel supply valve. Take away its throttle linkages that are attached to the carburetor. Use a socket to remove the mounting bolts of the engine.
  • Pull out the carburetor from the engine. If the mounting gasket has cuts or burning marks, clean it with the help of cleaner. Insert a new gasket if required as the defective gasket can cause leakage issue.
  • Unscrew the bowl drain plug and allow the gas to drain out.
  • Fix the float back to the carburetor. Check the proper distance from the manual and fix it at accordingly.
  • Bena a tab on the float to adjust the drop distance of the float by using a small flat head screw driver. It is connected to the float needle tang. The float needle closes off the seat in the carburetor. Spray the cleaner inside the seat.
  • Spray on all the small parts and linkages of the carburetor including small air bleed holes.
  • Reassemble the carburetor by attaching the float bowl first. Carefully tighten all the screws with the screwdriver. Place back the engine on the block and replace the gasket as well.
  • Rejoin the throttle and attach the fuel pipe. Tighten it carefully.

Hence, these are some simple steps to repair the small engine carburetors. For more information regarding different types of engines and their parts click on the link, tecumsehcarburetorguide. This website helps in Tecumseh carburetor troubleshooting and also provide genuine engine parts.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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