An overview about the Tecumseh carburetor diagram

A Tecumseh carburetor diagram explains each and everything about the carburetor that helps in the smooth functioning of the carburetor. One has to know about the basic functionalities of the carburetor and all its parts. Here some basic information is provided below to understand the Tecumseh carburetor diagram. After having a look at the Tecumseh carburetor diagram, you are able to know about these things.

  • How to make adjustments in the carburetor?

Turn the screws to adjust the idle and main mixture in clockwise. Tighten the screws carefully, because over tightening the screws can lead to damage the pointed portion of the needle. After this slowly back out the screws ion anti clockwise direction to preset position. Some of the carburetors have a fixed main jet, that requires no adjustment of the screws. For the idle adjustments there are different methods.

In the series 1, the tecumseh carburetor adjustment has two different styles to adjust the needle. A long needle is used for the air adjustment and a smaller one is required for the fuel adjustments.

  • Final adjustments for main jet

Before starting the engine, let the engine warm up initially at normal working temperature for some time. Once the engine picks up the speed, turn on the main mixture adjusting screw to the clockwise slowly. Keep adjusting at the point till the engine start running continuously. Keep in mind the position of screw at this point of time. Repeat the same process in a counterclockwise, until the engine reaches at the point from where it begins to run the in a forceful manner. For the final adjustment, turn the screw clockwise direction and find a midway point to fix it.

  • Adjusting idle position

Fix the idle screw position to control the speed. Check the appropriate speed, RPM at a particular point where the idle mixture screw requires to be adjusted as you have adjusted the main mixture screw.

  • RPM adjustment

With the RPM, you can easily adjust the low and high speed screws. It is recommended here to identify the position of RPM screws.

  • Governed and non- governed idle

When your engine is running at low speed, you have to bend the idle at RPM tab to set the governed idle. Next step is to fix the non-governed idle. To set this push the bottom part of governor lever, in an opposite direction in such a manner that the throttle lever can contact with the idle screw. At this point carefully adjust the idle with the help of idle adjusting screw clockwise direction. To increase the speed, turn it clockwise and to decrease the speed turn it anticlockwise.

For more information about tecumseh parts manual, visit the most preferred website, The website provides a comprehensive detail about the different parts of the Tecumseh carburetor with the help of diagrams. It explains everything about the diagrams so as the clients can easily identify the various parts and rebuild the carburetor without any hassle.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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