Identify Tecumseh 5 HP carburetor with these simple things

Tecumseh is well known name in manufacturing the different small engines and their parts such as vertical shaft engines, horizontal shaft engines and parts for different series of engines. These engines are used in a variety of machines such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, log splitters, tillers and much more. One of the most commonly used Tecumseh Power engines is Tecumseh 5 HP model that is a horizontal shaft engine. It is basically used in small wood chipper and snow blowers. This engine has a float bowl that allows the fuel to enter in the main jet and adjust the amount of fuel when required. You should know these basic things about Tecumseh carburetor 5HP.

Float bowls

Tecumseh float bowl uses a soldered brass float instead of a plastic float bowl. It is more durable than the plastic bowls. But it can happen a pinhole leak with the passage of time that absorb the gasoline into the float bowl itself.

The rubber ball primer

It has a replaceable primer bulb. Generally, you have to service it, if the rubber is cracked or leaked or broken. Be careful while using the chemicals to clean the primer bulb, because it can cause harm to the primer bulb when come in contact with the it directly.

Throttle spring and arm

The 5 HP Tecumseh carburetor come with the throttle spring and arm, which is attached to a mechanical governor that is attached with the crankshaft. The spring and arm regulate the governor. If these are not working properly due to bent or damage, it affects the speed of an engine. Check this thing before you change the engine idle.

Air holes

There is a small hole in the bolt that holds the float bowl to the body of a carburetor. If the hole is gummed or blocked, it will affect the functioning of the carburetor. In order to avoid this situation, you have to regularly clean the air holes in the bolt that holds the carburetor.

If you have any queries regarding Tecumseh carburetor identification, you can visit It is one of the most visited online guide that helps to identify and provides you different types of Tecumseh products. The website explain each and every type of Tecumseh engine with the help of diagrams in order to provide a clear picture of the engines. Hence, you can easily get all the required information about engines and their parts.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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