How to clean Tecumseh vector carburetor

Tecumseh carburetors are simple devices used in the engines. The gasoline is attached to a rubber hose from the gas tank. The fuel enters in the carburetor fuel bowl. There is a brass float inside the bowl that opens as the fuel fills the bowl. Over the time several debris gets collected in the bowl. For regular and timely cleaning is required to remove these debris. Here are some simple steps to clean Tecumseh carburetors.

  1. Remove the rubber hose from the carburetor with the help of needle plier. Allow the gas tank to drain properly. Use Philip head screwdriver to take away the screws that hold the carburetor assembly on the engine.
  2. Set the carburetor on the top. Remove the needle screw with small wrench that is positioned in the lower portion of metal bowls. Also take away the brass fuel tube, it takes 10 counterclockwise turns to remove the tube.
  3. Loose all the three screws to remove the cover of the carburetor. Don’t allow the brass float to pull the needle valve.
  4. Spray the cleaner inside the metal bowl and all its points or nozzles in the carburetor. After this with the help of a clean rag, wipe out all the debris.
  5. Take away the cover of the Tecumseh Carburetor Parts and remove the small hinge that supports the brass float to the cover.
  6. Carefully remove the needle float valve by pulling up the float straight upwards. There is a small horizontal spring that holds the needle valve to the brass float.
  7. Clean the needle valve and brass float with the carburetor cleaner. Spray in the brass fuel tube as well. Check all the parts, if any part requires maintenance or cleaning then do it first.
  8. Reassemble all the parts in reverse order from last to first. Set the position of the needle screw by tightening it. Turn the screw one and half turns counterclockwise.
  9. Install a new gasket between the carburetor assembly and the engine.
  10. Check and follow the instructions on the carburetor cleaner to avoid any issue.

Hope this information will prove helpful to you in cleaning and maintaining the Tecumseh parts Lookup. If you want to know more about the troubleshooting of Tecumseh carburetor then visit the website The website provide all the required information and also provide an online Tecumseh manual to solve all the issues immediately.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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