Some important Do’s and Don’t’s to follow while troubleshooting Tecumseh carburetor

As the breeze is becoming cold it is a clear indication that winters are approaching fast. It means that it is now time to repair and troubleshoot your snow blowers and garden mowing equipment. You may have to clear those huge chunks of ice or clear your garden from excessive grass and leaves. All such machines have a one thing in common and that is called as a Tecumseh Carburetor. Here are some important do’s and dont’s that can be followed while repairing the carburetor.

Important Do’s to be followed

One of the most important things to follow is to make sure that only genuine and original Tecumseh service parts are used.

Before starting with the troubleshooting procedure such as cleaning of the carburetor with appropriate cleaner, you should always remove the o-rings, main nozzles and Welch plugs.

Important Dont’s to be followed

Never clean the blocked passages with drill bits, instead use fine copper wire. Drill bits can lead to enlarge passages and can cause serious technical problems.

The carburetor should not be soaked with cleaner for a longer period of time as it can lead to soap deposit and it may reduce the performance of the device.

The bowl nuts should not be interchanged and never reuse the O rings and gaskets.

Some important troubleshooting steps

Replace the old fuel with fresh fuel and if possible you can also add few amounts of fuel stabilizers for better performance.

The fuel restrictions into the carburetor should be immediately addressed. You should also make sure that the carburetor is properly checked and cleaned.

Tecumseh carburetor Parts requires a proper fuel and valve adjustments. Make sure that the user manual is properly consulted so that appropriate adjustments can be done.

The spark plug is one of the most important parts of small engines and hence check this device for proper gap, condition and reach. If all these conditions are not fulfilled, then make sure necessary troubleshooting steps are performed on immediate basis.

Though these are very simple steps, but by following these small and easy steps, you can easily achieve excellent performance out of the engine. In order to know more about the Tecumseh small engines and their parts, you can also log on to this online repair guide called as It is completely free and there is a vast amount of knowledge that is available.

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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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