Tecumseh model number identification

Tecumseh is one of the leading brands of small engines and till now the company has launched many different types of engines with high quality parts such as carburetors. Due to the launch of the large number of engines and carburetors, sometimes it becomes difficult to fetch out the exact engine part or even an engine from a complex list of equipment. Hence, in order to learn more about the correct Tecumseh model number identification, you should first learn about how to identify the correct model number. Here are some important and urgent points, that can be followed.

You can seek help from online model number locator

One of the best ways to identify the correct Tecumseh model number is through the online model number locator. Though there are many OEM online portals which provide such information, but the best one is tecumsehcarburetorguide.com.

Step by step approach can clear all your doubts

Step 1- Review the Engine ID label- After 2004 the engine ID label on all Tecumseh products have been changed. The number which comes next to model number is actually specification number and helps in proper identification of the parts of the engine.

Step 2- How to identify the date of manufacture– Take for example this number 01178DF0015- This number contains the date of manufacture (DOM) – 01- 2001 is the year, 178 is the day if the year that is 178th day. D is the manufacturing facility, F is the assembly line and 0015 is the individual serial number and built by 15th unit.

You also need to keep this important point in your mind that model which are still being  manufactured comes with the updated model designation.

Though initially the identification procedure sounds little confusing, but with regular practice and careful approach, you can easily complete the Tecumseh model number identification.

Tecumsehcarburetorguide.com can help you in identifying the correct part of the engine

All this information is readily available with this online guide called as www.tecumsehcarburetorguide.com.

The best part about this website is that it provides every bit of information that you wish to know about Tecumseh engines, Tecumseh snow blowers or gardening equipment.

You can even order spare parts from them or clear your doubts related to servicing, maintenance or troubleshooting.

You can also learn more about the recommended fuel to be used as well as 2 cycle and 4 cycle troubleshooting with the help of a flow chart.

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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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