An overview about Tecumseh carburetor series 7 parts

In Tecumseh series 7 carburetor, we make use of a medium sized frame overhead valve engines, with a vertical shaft. The series 7 engines are basically efficient emission grade carburetors. These are equipped with the main jet as well as idle jet that are ideally placed in the bowl of the carburetor. Its different Tecumseh Parts can be repaired without removing the carburetor body out of the engine. Its main service areas are fuel bowl which includes float, needle, seat, main nozzle emulsion tube, etc. All the parts are non-metallic that reduce the problem of rust and varnishing. Listed below are the most important parts of Tecumseh series 7 carburetor.

Detailed explanation about of parts :-

  Bowl retainer and idle mixing

The fuel bowl holds the carburetor body by a retaining latch that fits into the place. By using a screw driver, you can take away the bowl retainer and release it. A Welch plug covers the idle fuel mixing properly where the fuel and air mix during slow speed operation.

Float, hinge pin and Float needle

Take a needle nose pliers to remove the needle. Grasp close piece between the center leg and central point of the float. It is difficult to pull out the float, so carefully pull it out without breaking it. The float needle is attached to the float.

Fuel bowl, inlet seat and idle jet

The fuel enters into the bowl with the help of the inlet tube as allowed by the float and needle. When the amount or level of fuel rises in the bowl, the float pushes the needle against the rubber seat, to stop the flow of fuel. Some bowls also contains clip or retaining ring to hold the rubber seat. To install the float, keep the float hinge pin into the hinge slot on the float and press it.

Main jet

All the fuel bowls passes through the main jet, which is placed by a spring and the bowl drain screw.

Crab solenoid

Some crabs have an anti-after fire solenoid instead of a bowl drain screw. When the engine is shut down, spark disables the engine stopped. The anti–after fire solenoid helps to stop fuel flow into the engine as soon as the switch is turning off.

These are some important parts of the Tecumseh series 7 carburetor. For more information, click on the link The website provides all the required information regarding different d=series of the carburetors and its parts.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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