Functioning of the Tecumseh carburetor series 7

Tecumseh is one of the most trusted brands that have manufactured different series of carburetors for engines. Each of the series has its own distinct features. Here we are going to explain about tecumseh series 7 carburetor parts. This helps you to understand about the working of the series 7 carburetors.

  • Main nozzle and emulsion tube

The main flow of fuel come with the3 main jet and rises up in the emulsion tube, where the main air enter through the holes that are set along the side of an emulsion tube and discharged into the intake air stream via the main nozzle that extends into the Venturi. A o-ring is used at the bottom of the emulsion tube and a spring pushes it up against the bowl gasket.

  • Alignment holes and air paths

Alignment holes in the crab body and gasket  is attached to the bowl from one side. The main nozzle goes through the center hole up in the Venturi. Fuel enters through the idle jet air travel down through the air bleed to the emulsion tube. The bowl has two holes.

  • Idle fuel discharge holes

In the low speed operation, the fuel from the idle jet and air from the air bleed mix in the idle fuel mixing well and it discharges into the intake air stream via idle fuel discharge hole. As the throttle opens additional mixture is delivered via progression holes.

  • Throttle plate

While installing the throttle plate on 2-7 HP carburetor the position the plate is a scribe mark facing out and in the 12 o’clock position.

  • Main air bleeds and nozzle

Mark the choke plate before removing it so that you can easily reinstall it. After removing the choke you can see the air bleed. The main nozzle extends into the air stream at the Venturi.

  • The idle speed screw

The idle speed screw helps to close the throttle up to a certain limit.

If you  want more information or have any issue regarding different parts of the engines, feel free to visit the website It is one of the most visited websites that provide genuine engine parts with their manufacturer warranty. A quick reference table is also available on the website that helps to choose the right carburetor for the engine. The website also helps to identify the authentic parts of engines.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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