An overview about Tecumseh vector carburetor

The Tecumseh vector carburetor is a non- adjustable carburetor made from Aluminum. The parts of vector carburetor, such as float bowl, nozzle, Venturi are non- metallic. It eliminated the rust and varnishing problems that can be occurred by using metal parts. A little service is required for the fuel bowl that involves float, needle, seat and main nozzle mixture tube. These Tecumseh Parts can be repaired without removing the engine from the carburetor. Here are some important parts Tecumseh vector carburetor.

Intake end of the crab

The intake end of the carburetor has the bowl vent and a ball plug which seals the idle circuit. A ball plug helps to seal the location where  the idle air hole that drain into the crab bore. A Welch plug locks the idle fuel mixing. The bowl drain screw is positioned at the bottom.

The main jet and drain screw

The bowl drain screw holds the main jet. A o ring helps to join the main jet to the crab body. The rubber washer seals the drain screw. Some models of  Tecumseh Carb Lookup called a split system  because the main and idle circuits are separate. In the other carburetors, all the fuel first passes through the main jet and idle fuel separate it off to the idle restricted jet.

Bowl gasket

To take away the fuel bowl, just pull it out. A gasket provides the seal between the bowl and the body of a carburetor.

Emulsion tube, o-rings and springs

The emulsion tube has one o-ring at its lower end. The spring below the tube presses it up for a seal against the bowl gasket. At the upper end of the a fuel nozzle is available that extends into the Venturi. Holes in the sides of the tube allow the air from the main air bleed to mix with the fuel, as it passes to the upward nozzle.

These are some parts of the Tecumseh vector carburetor. For more details about the Tecumseh carburetor and its different parts click on the link Tecumsehcarburetorguide. The website provides pocket friendly deals on different parts.


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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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