How to Adjust a Carburetor Needle Valve

For  proper functioning of carburetor it is necessary that all of its parts work smoothly. The needle valve is an essential part of the carburetor of the engines that helps in regulating the flow of fuel through the main jet. With continuous use of the carburetor the needle valve functioning may become slow.

The main functions of the Needle valve:

The pointed needle is positioned in the slider portion of the upper carburetor and it slips down into the main fuel tube. It depends on the drain of needle that how much fuel can be drawn into the intake stream. The needle position is corresponds to the throttle setting. Carburetor Power needles can be adjusted to bend over the main fuel circuit. Move up the spike in the slider that make the fuel mixture more rich and lowering it will lean it out.

Steps to follow while adjusting the needle valve

Take away the top of the carburetor. Remove the mounting bolts by turning them counterclockwise, and lift up the top and slide from the carburetor body.

Take out the needle retainer from the slider. Push up the needle and take it out. Also remove the locator shear on the spike with the help of pliers.

Substitute the locator shear in a lower slot to raise up the needle. It helps in the larger amount of the fuel intake. If you want to drain out the mixture of the fuel, put it into a higher slot.

Reinstall the needle in slider and restore the retainer clip. Direct the spike and slider back into the body of the carburetor ensuring that the needle slips into the main fuel tube easily. Reinstall the top cap carburetor bolts with screwdriver as per the instructions on the guiding manual’s specifications of the engine.

Now  start the engine to check it out. Sneezing and popping back to through the carburetor at High RPM’s indicates a lean mixture and too low setting on the needle. If you notice excessive black smoke in the exhaust it shows a rich mixture and needle setting too high. Repeat all the steps to adjust the needle to its correct position.

The pointer is one of the delicate type of parts so carefully adjust it to avoid any bend in the spike.

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The Tecumseh carburetor has a high pace adjustment screw that is below the float bowl.
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