Detect exact amount of radiation with a high quality ecotester

The main job of an ecotester is to detect and measure the amount of radiation that is present in food items, different objects and construction materials. There are many radioactive elements that are normally found in these items and once these are detected, it becomes easier for you to take precautionary measures.

How the radiation and nitrate levels are measured

These devices normally gauge the radioactivity levels that are based on ion Radiation intensity. This ion radiation consists of gamma and beta particles. While measuring the radiation, different levels are displayed that includes:

  • Normal background radiation
  • High background radiation
  • Dangerous background radiation

Why ecotesters offered by SOEKS-USA are so good

  • The ecotester offered by SOEKS-USA is specially designed for checking food items such as vegetables, meat, fruits and children’s food. Apart from radiation levels, there is one thing that can be checked and is called as nitrate concentration level.
  • The best thing about the devices offered by SOEKS-USA is that these devices are based on the latest and highly advanced sensors. It means, you don’t have to buy such devices again and again as one device is enough to sustain for many more years to come. Consider this as a one time investment with long term benefits.
  • The highest concentration of radiation and nitrate in food and other items is very harmful for human health and may lead to various health issues such as cancer and skin related problem.It would be really great to use ecotesters for the detection of radiation and nitrate levels and take appropriate action. These devices can be used in two modes, the first one is measuring mode and the second is called as nitrate tester mode.

These devices are compact in size and quite light weight and only take 20 seconds to complete the measurement process.


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